My Story

Hi! My name is Fardeen, pen name Romeo. I’m 18 and a half, coming to you from a place out of nowhere. Well, not exactly nowhere; it’s a place outside of Kolkata, the City of Joy. 

This blog’s purpose is quite clear; I needed a stepping stone to expand my journey as a writer. Right now, I’m doing good, not as expected but good. As a freelance writer, I’ve got a spark in my life, a long-needed one.

It started off great, unexpectedly well, if I may say so. I have had quite a few successes with clients, heck even I got into a position to reject clients.

But then something happened. Something that punched me straight into the face and snatched the ground under my feet. I LOST ALL THE MONEY I WAS SAVING in a scam (for which I blame myself).

With that money- gone were my dreams, my plans. But I recovered from the immediate shock and started planning my heroic Bounce Back. I thought, “my life has just got interesting.” I was going to nail it from there.

I was WRONG. 

The next month went fine; I nearly touched my earning target. Shit happened after that month. I lost two of my biggest clients. One suddenly disappeared, and to be honest, it was me who screwed up with the second one. 

My beautiful Steven Speilberg blockbuster life just turned into a Christopher Nolan cult. In simple words, Life Happened. (As beautiful it can be for a little bit self-reliant teenager, nothing huge)

I don’t believe in destiny, heck I don’t even believe in the existence of any superior power. A pure Atheist. But at that moment, I was feeling as if someone is coming after me for perpetual vengeance. 

I was broke. The sheer suddenness of the situation confused me. It wasn’t meant to happen; my life was going to be perfect. All I had then was a confused mind, and the only person who believed in me, my girlfriend (or should I say My Life!).

Now, The not-so-cool Ending.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to recover YET. I’m still struggling. I don’t know how much longer it’ll take. But I know I’ll persevere. 

That’s why I have created I know a lot of writers are out there who need help. Not some entrepreneurial super-hyped bullsh*t pep talk, but some real people who trust in each other can make all the difference.

I’ll share all the knowledge I have with you; I hope you’ll too. Let’s help each other grow together!