10 Best Writing Tools Every Writer Should Own In 2021

10 Best Writing Tools Every Writer Should Own In 2021 (Physical Equipment)

[These products aren’t mandatory for beginner writers. You can always start writing with just a laptop.]

Writing tools are essential for every writer. Most people think that writing only requires a keypad or a pen; it’s a fundamentally wrong notion. Surely we use fewer materials than a painter or a sculpture, but still.

In my case, writing is all about sitting in a comfortable place and shutting the whole outside world. Most of my writing companions do the same with a few tweaks here and there. If this is the same for you, continue with me.

These tools and gadgets have their own function to make a writer’s life easy. You can gift these to your writer friends as well. Whether you’re writing a book or just an article, writing tools are always efficient.

Without wasting any more time, let’s jump into some of the best writing tools you can use.

1. Keyboard –

I know what you’re thinking; everyone has keyboards. True, but everyone doesn’t have mechanical keyboards. A mechanical keyboard can make all the differences when you’re writing for long hours. The sweet sound and soft pressing of the keys make the process of writing all the more enjoyable.

It’s surely expensive, but the investment is long-term. It can easily last a decade or so of incessant typing. That’s why they say a mechanical keyboard is the best writing tool for authors.

2. Additional Monitor

Jumping from one chrome tab to another and arranging the article with proper quotes and links – nightmare! Writing is already a complex job, but making it even more so doesn’t help. That’s why an additional monitor is essential.

I generally write on a laptop with another monitor connected to it. My tab helps me when I’m writing on a park bench or bus. If you don’t have another monitor, buy one immediately. It’ll release the amount of pressure. Or at least use your phone or tab (if you’re not already) if you can’t afford one right away.  

3. Chair

Anyone who is working for hours in front of a screen needs a high-quality chair. Because regardless of your age, your back and neck will give up sooner than you expect. A good chair keeps both straight and stress-free. 

I bought this gaming chair after feeling some pain in the lower region- it’s so far given me a great service. I would recommend this to you too if you’re thinking of having a nice and soft chair.

4. Glass

Bluelight glasses are currently trending. However, most of these glasses do close to nothing in cutting blue or UV rays, but I guess it has some effect on reducing strain.

It’s totally up to you if you want to have a glass, but you have to admit it’s kinda cool. 

5. Writing Pad

However digital, the world has become, writing pads are still valuable. Every writer should have some sort of paper to note down important things, outlines, words, and so on. I have several of these notebooks scattered around. 

If you aren’t using a notebook or writing pad, get one asap. Writing down on paper actually helps to memorize things longer than usual. So, if we were looking for some sort of a productivity booster, here you go.

6. Pen

With writing pads comes a pen. I have a huge soft corner for pens; look at the website name. A good pen is as important as a good keyboard. I prefer fountain pens because I’m old school in this matter. Fountain pens really bring out that Earnest Hemmingway look out of me.

If you aren’t interested in a fountain pen, buy one for a couple of bucks. It’ll bring back those kindergarten memories. 

7. Coffee Mug

Coffee mug might not be an article writing tool, but Coffee and freelancers are always bound together. It is the Kickstarter every freelancer needs. Whether it’s an early morning conference or a late-night submission, Coffee always helps. 

So why not have a proper mug! It certainly strikes a personality advantage if you can find a coffee mug that suits you. This one is my favorite.  

8. Travelling Backpack

Although it doesn’t come under the umbrella of writing tools, it’s important for us mobile writers. The biggest perk of freelancing is able to move around and yet make money. Pack your bags, buy the tickets, and shove off to the beaches or the hills! All you need is a decent backpack.

This 33L backpack can easily handle your laptop, some clothes, and some other accessories. It has all the features a traveling freelancer can ask for. Also, you can use this guide to choose the perfect backpack for you.

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Forgetting the noise canceling headphones while working in a crowded place can ruin a perfectly good day. This is one lesson that I have learned the hard way. If you work outdoors or travel frequently, you know what I’m talking about (unless you live in Iceland).

Buying a good noise canceling headphone is extremely important for writers or any freelancer. It cost a bit much for sure, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

10. Quote Calendar

Last but not least, a quote calendar. I like to start the day with some positive thoughts, not last night’s cold pizza. I have a quote calendar on my table ever since my father gave me one in seventh standards.

If you have one, you would know it gives some kind of perspective in our daily life. The essence of “getting something done” is satisfying to me. I’m sure you’d feel the same way.

Here is a bonus for you.


This one isn’t that necessary but anyway doesn’t harm if you have one.

Many authors use a whiteboard to note down everyday thoughts, targets, and goals, whether physical or digital. If you’re putting your targets, goals, and results in a place, the path to success won’t be too hazy. 

Over to you

This is pretty much what comes to mind for a writer’s table. I hope you like it.

Did I miss anything? If these writing tools or gadgets seem interesting to you, feel free to leave a comment and share with your friend, will ya?

If you enjoyed reading it, we have loads of such articles on the website. Have at it!

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