Is It Possible To Earn $10k/Month Freelance Content Writing In 2021? (Freelance Writing Online Course Explained)

Is It Possible to Earn $10k/month Freelance Content Writing in 2021? (Freelance Writing Online Course Explained)

You have probably seen a lot of articles, videos and ads that promise a massive amount of income from freelance writing. Looking at the work, it seems relatively easy because many of them say – “no experience needed.” To your surprise, you’ll see a link to a free one-hour masterclass, as an introduction to an online writing course) that gives you an instant jumpstart.

So far, seems good. A bit too good actually. But let’s carry on.

While you watch the masterclass, you are learning a lot of things – unknown terms and lingos. It directs you to some free ebooks, a pdf worksheet. The last 15-20 minute, the presenter starts talking about a course.

You’re almost sold because the resources are immensely helpful; you’re already catching on with the flow. You are just one click away from earning $10K/month within the next Six Months.

Stop there! Hold your horses for a bit. Question yourself, research a bit. 

Is It Possible to Earn $10k/month Freelance Content Writing?

Yes, it is! But trust me, not for a beginner. Even if it is, the success rate is 1% or less.

Fake Gurus and Empty Promises

The little story that I told you earlier is the case for almost all the freelance writing courses available. While I don’t claim that all of them are fraud, many of them stretch the reality a little too bit. 

All these people, or so-called coaches that you see everywhere, they’re selling the same sh*t wrapped in different packages. Pull out five or six such masterclasses, go through them one by one; it’s almost the same with a few little tweaks.

The information that was seemingly priceless were just a few searches away from you. 

So what? Are they lying? I would say, No. 

A marketer can predict you an amount from necessary data, statistics and other things. Most of these courses do almost the same thing. They teach you how to market yourself, not how to be a freelance WRITER. The second part is up to you.

Promoting your business in freelancing is mandatory. But the promotion shouldn’t be greater than your skills. Invest more time in learning and honing your craft; advertising is something that you learn on the way.

Either way, most of the freelance writing courses offering such a huge amount sucks. Because even if they teach you to bring big prospective clients if you don’t have the necessary skills. You won’t have a deal.

To further clarify my argument, let’s take a look at the basic structure of an average freelance writing course.

The Structure of a Freelance Writing Course

  1. Bashing Upwork, Fiverr etc.
  2. Cold Pitching
  3. Building a Portfolio
  4. Types of Content Format
  5. List of Profitable Niches
  6. SEO and some technical stuff (maybe keyword research)
  7. LinkedIn

Each of these items is available for free, and none of these guarantees monthly $10K earning.

It’s Possible

As I said in the beginning, it’s possible to make $10,000 a month solely from freelance writing. But before I dig into that magical universe, let’s look at some statistics:

The monthly income of an average American is somewhere around $4000, $4500 in Canada, $7400 in Australia.

When you target such a drastic number, it’s needless to say you gotta drag your ass a long way. I don’t make such numbers, but let me share what I have seen from other people who actually live that life.


Clients won’t pay you $2-2.5k per article if you aren’t credible. 

Have a properly designed website with minuscule details. Automate the whole work process from pitching to commissioning to submission. You’re attending meetings (on/offline) with your client reporting and suggesting inputs.

You’re a known face in the market, both clients and freelancers know or heard of you. You not only have a reputation but also operate in social media platforms as an important figure. People come to you for advice. You take part in conversations and debates.

You manage to interview some really important people for research purposes. (Interviewing people is extremely necessary for writing high-value articles)


You’ve already figured it out that it’s no newbie game. But still, bear with me when I say, you need a whole lot of experience to establish credibility.

So yeah, that’s the reality of freelance content writing. Copywriting can bring you such a massive amount in shorter times though as it’s a result-based field. I’ll explain the concept of copywriting and how can someone find success in upcoming articles. 

TO SUM UP, some of you might think that I’m against online courses. But that’s not entirely true, many people prefer some initial hand holdings, and it’s nothing crazy. The main problem that drives me nuts is those offers. 

You can never guarantee such a return on your freelancing career if it were that easy everyone would have been jumping in freelance writing. That’s why I put the truth on the table so that you can make an informed decision.

Whenever you choose to enrol in a course, make sure that you’re investing in the content and not the promised return. It’s easy to get blinded by all those promises, but in the end, all that matters is what you’ve learned as a person.

Five Courses that I recommend for Writers

Till today, I haven’t bought a single course to learn writing, but I have eyes on a few. These courses dive deep into the art of writing and not just selling.

TRIBE WRITERS by Jeff Goins 

I, personally, am a fan of Jeff Goins. His emails and books work as an inspiration to me. So, if I decide to join a writing course, this would be my first choice.

Jerry Jenkins’ Creative Writing Course

Out of many best-selling authors, I seem to like Jerry Jenkins’ coaching programmes the most. The amount of clarity he provides, along with practical examples, is just exemplary.

Josh Steimle’s Writing Masterclass

Those of you who are more interested in learning business-oriented writing, I recommend Josh. His works over the years have paved a new horizon for thought leadership skills. I have been following him since the time he was writing for Forbes. 

The Savvy Non-fiction Writer’s Club

Bryan Collins is a pretty well-known face in the freelance writing field. His blog is an inspiration to a lot of freelance writers. That’s why I would like to advise you to consider his course. It covers the basics of freelance writing (including blogging) as well as other non-fiction literary works.


It’s a place where your dream writers join you in learning the greatest secret of the art- writing. Best selling authors like James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood share their knowledge with aspiring writers. So, if you’re interested, this might be a good place for you to be.

In the end

Joining a course isn’t mandatory at all. If you can afford one, it’s alright. But if you’re looking for something free, I can assure you of multiple sources like google and YouTube to gather free knowledge. In the end, it’s all about what you learned, not from where. 

If this article helps you, leave a comment and share with your friends, will yea! Also there are a whole lot of similar articles, feel free to go check them out.

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