Top 5 Books To Develope A Reading Habit (For Writers)

Top 5 Books to develop a reading habit (for writers)

You want to Write? Read First. That’s something every successful writer says. I don’t claim to be an expert, but reading has certainly helped me as a freelance writer.

Once you understand the importance of reading, you’ll never stop. I have seen so many people who hated reading. One particular story I’ll always remember is one of my friend’s. The sight of a book used to piss him off. One midnight he called me; my sleepy ears heard a scream and became wide awake. Between panting, screaming and laughing, I deciphered that he had just finished a big fat book. That was his very first one.

Today he easily finishes one book a month. No Kidding! Although for us writers, that’s the bare minimum I suggest.

For beginners, the number should be two/month. Once you begin to understand how reading influences your writing, the number will increase. My personal best is six, on average, that revolves around 3-4.  

It might be a little tricky to figure out which books to read at first. So, here’s a list of my favourite 5 books that’ll help you develop a reading habit. Unlike other booklists, each of these books covers some aspect of a writer’s quality and not comes randomly. 

1. The Power of Persuasion

Easy Ways to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr talks about his groundbreaking method and how he has a 95% success rate in business. His Easyway offers smokers an optional approach that lets them quit smoking without any physical or mental side effects or aftershocks.

He breaks down exactly how he convinces his readers (and clients) to quit smoking without any pressure or limitations in this book. Even Allen says to continue smoking while reading the book, that’s what surprises me the most.

The reason I keep this book on number one because of its persuasive powers. The author subtly knocks on the readers’ subconscious, compelling him/her to quit smoking without even saying it. Even mastering 10% of Allen Carr’s quality can result in a massive improvement.

2. Ability to Maintain the Thrill

The President Is Missing

President Bill Clinton pens down an action-packed thriller with James Patterson that became one of the most popular political thrillers. Why? Clinton’s experience and knowledge of the US government, judiciary and military combined with Patterson’s power of nailing thrillers- the book isn’t only a close-to-accurate fiction with a fantastic storyline, it also maintains the thrill all over from the beginning.

A writer needs to keep the reader thrilled. Even if you have got a great story, you’ll lose the reader the second it becomes boring. So keep working on the thrill, be it a blog post or a novel, it’s important.

3. The Mistake of Doing What Everyone Does

The Big Short

Do you fancy to know why millions of people lost their homes and jobs in 2008? It’s not an exciting journey for everybody I admit, but if you have the slightest interest in understanding the global economy and how it can turn your life upside down as it did several times before starting from the great depression of 1929, it’s a book for you.

I have listed this book here to warn you from some upcoming incident you will face in your journey as a writer. “Credit Default Swap” and “Collateralized Debt Obligation” are two words that changed the lives of millions. And why, because everybody was blindly running for profit and more profit. They didn’t understand that the crash of the monument is inevitable because it doesn’t stand upon solid ground.

So, whenever you see a trend, reason with yourself. Don’t jump into something that seems like a gamble, if you’re already neck-deep, retreat when you still can.

4. Selling Anything and Everything

Tested Advertising Methods

© Campaign Alive

They laughed when I sat down at the piano but when I started to play!

It might arguably be the greatest ad copy in the history of advertisement. The author John Caples experiments with an alternative approach. He tapped into the greatest desire of humans, the desire to fascinate others with magical abilities.

That advertisement of 1925 simply told a story of Jack, a young man who surprised his friends by playing a Beethoven symphony. His friends were awe-struck because they took him for a novice.

if you can light up that secret lamp inside your reader’s mind; an urge, a little envy and a slight feeling of supremacy that reader is yours for life. Learn from great copywriters like John Caples and Eugene Schwartz; you may not be selling a product directly, but YOUR WORKS ARE FOR SALE. 

5. Create Your Own Universe

The Harry Potter Series

Books like Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire show us that it’s possible to create an entire universe. The more I read these books, the more fascinations I feel for being a writer. I am sure you feel that too, the power to create anything beyond imaginations.

Whether you’re a fictional novelist or just a freelance blog writer, it’s important to have your own signature. From creating a writing process to choosing the perfect words, it’s all you so make sure you do that with style.

Over to You

So, these are the five books that helped me the most to strike a balance in my world. The Power of Persuasion and Ability to Maintain the Thrill is what makes you an edgy writer. You can’t make The Mistake of Doing What Everyone Does, Selling Anything and Everything can be your superpower, you just have to Create Your Own Universe.

Comment down below to share your favourite books. And while you’re at it, please share it with your friends, will yea? 

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