11 Best Freelance Writing Niche To Find Jobs In 2020

11 Best Freelance Writing Niche to Find Jobs in 2020

Finding the ideal niche is crucial, you may have the writing skill, the talent of pitching a story but if you are lacking the passion for the niche- you’ll soon burn out. It has happened to me and trust me- it sucks. 

Whether you are a complete newbie or have spent countless hours writing- if you aren’t specific, it’s close to impossible to become a top-tier freelance writer.

In this article, I want to share the 11 best freelance writing niche to find remote jobs in 2020 to build a freelance writing career. But before that, here is a quick recap. 

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A freelance writing niche is a particular category that a freelance writer specializes in. Personal finance, personal development, dog breed, gardening- these are all examples of writing niches. You have to choose the one that suits you the most.

In this post, I have shared an effective strategy to find out the most ideal niche for a writer. 

How to Define a Profitable Niche?

This is a question people always ask me and I give the same answer always. The niche where money moves fast is a profitable niche. The client has to make money through your content, directly or indirectly. Once the client gets the money back in the pocket with a handsome profit, he’ll pay you again. 

So, how to recognize a profitable niche?

  • It has a strong customer base, people buy it. 
  • There’s plenty of people in the business, so you don’t run out of clients.  
  • It’s not a flickery Internet viral that won’t last two days. 

These three parameters should be enough to judge a niche but if you have any better suggestions- I would like to know.

My Quest for the Freelance Writing Niche

My writing journey isn’t something to brag about, everything came to me gradually. I might say, I learned it the hard way. I have made mistakes, mistakes that sometimes make me angry and sometimes laugh. 

After months of going back and forth on anything and everything, I was still at the same point where I started. At that time, I would write anything and apply to every single job on Reddit and ProBlogger. 

But things didn’t go so well, I somehow hung from the cracks, thanks to my underage status, my family was still doing the courtesy of feeding me. Then I discovered Digital Marketing- it was the niche for me. I had gathered plenty of knowledge- both practical and research-based to claim authority and impress clients with genuine solutions. 

To sum up, I made the mistake of not choosing a niche- my month ends seemed cleaner than the roads of Zurich. The dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer was slowly fading away. 

Then, I decided to go with digital marketing- a niche where I could command my pen. I’ll tell the whole story later in some posts.   

11 Best Freelance Writing Niche in 2020

So, let’s discuss the most profitable niches one by one. You can have the best remote working experience with these niches.  

1. Finance

Do you feel excited to read the stock market news every day or where the gold price is heading? Well if you do, finance might be a suitable choice for you. Speaking from experience, the niche not only is diverse but also profitable even for a beginner.

The stock market is not the only thing to write about here; categories like 

  • mortgage 
  • investment 
  • financial planning 
  • consulting

These are all good places to start. If you have any previous experience in this field e.g. any formal education or working experience or an active investment portfolio- your path is much smoother. But even if you don’t have any active experiences- it’s not much of a trouble to start a career in freelance finance writing.

A top tier finance writer gets paid around $0.30-0.50 per word. And by luck or talent, if you land an article to Wall Street Journal or its likes- your charges will go high above 50 cents per word. 

I want to include two sub-niches of finance that are equally lucrative but a bit different from the mainstream idea of finance. 


Crypto is a relatively new niche and not many writers are accustomed to it yet. But given the profitability of the niche, people are jumping in like never before. 

As a writer, you have a lot to gain from crypto; as I said people aren’t much aware of the functionalities of the system and need additional helps always. Whether you are a B2B or B2C writer, companies will hire you to create content for their users and customers. 

Also, you are going to learn things for yourself- because the future is changing and crypto will be the new normal.

Things that you have to write will be, Crypto credit, crypto trading, bitcoin mining, and blockchain. 

So, if you want to build your portfolio around this- I’d say, start right away.

Real Estate 

Contrary to popular belief, a real estate writer isn’t always telling people to buy houses. There’s more interesting work than that.

Besides the traditional property listing and descriptions, you can write about many things including,

  • Renting vs Owning homes and the other related aspects around it
  • Interior decoration
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Modern forms of living 
  • Eco-Friendly living 

These topics will help you launch a successful career in freelance writing. It’s a bit tricky niche for beginners, and if you don’t have at least one year of experience in the finance niche- I recommend not to go for this one.

But, if you are experienced, it’s a  great niche to earn a few grand per month.  

Read More- How to Become a Financial Writer

2. Tech writing

As always, Tech writing is a popular niche with so many different genres and formats of writing. You may write the user guide to install a machine or an informational blog post on how to Java. It’s so wide and disperse that you need to get as specific as possible in your area.

Categories of Tech Writing includes,

  • Electronic Machineries
  • IT
  • Programming Language
  • Blockchain Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Tasting

Literally there are hundreds of divisions in tech that you can start with and go deeper and deeper with time.

A tech writer is generally paid in a ballpark of $0.15-.40. If you manage to publish in magazines or high authority blogs, I wouldn’t be surprised if you charge $1 per word. 

As a newbie, I would advise you to select a sub-niche or micro-niche in tech and hone your skills unless you make it your slave. 

Read More- What It Takes to Be a Tech Writer

3.  Digital Marketing

As freelance writers, almost every one of us is involved in digital marketing. Content marketing, the purpose we serve, is in itself a huge part of the digital marketing industry. To get a share of this market, freelance writing is a great option. 

There are mainly three departments in this business,

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Email & Affiliate Marketing 

Other than these, you may choose to write about blogging, web designing, advertising-promotions. All these things are high on demand, if you can show some real experience and knowledge, your earning can easily cross $5K in just a few months.

In this field, real clients prefer some practical knowledge. If you run a blog that is doing good on SEO, then your chance of landing a high paying SEO job increases, I know it’s a no-brainer. Although unlike other niches, gaining practical experience is easier than you think in digital marketing. 

Writing emails to promote products and advertise brands is another topic. Most of the writing you are doing as a freelance writer is content writing but this is a bit different from that. Email writing comes under the category of copywriting. It’s more of a promotional or salesy advertisement type, and more profitable than content writing. Here’s an article from Search Engine Journal to clear your concept about content and copywriting.

See Also- 17 Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copy that Converts

4. Education

While it may seem harsh, the education industry is making huge profits these days out of students’ pocket. With multi-billion-dollar revenues every year, people running businesses always need more writers. 

Student loan is an important part of education (seriously!!!) and thousands of students living miserably with a bounty on their head. If you can propose a way out to the problem, then many people need you. It’s an edu-finance topic- so even if you are into finance- you can manage it.

Career counseling and long-term goals are also necessary for a student. Many agencies and personal blogs are marketing this particular topic. 

Besides these, you get hundreds of other matters to write- writing for an institution, course memo, curriculum details. Students often face difficulties and demotivation, a witty writer can show them hope. 

Overall it’s a niche open to all and if you take interest in addressing the problems of students or love to write the boring memo- welcome.

*Though academic writing comes into the category of education, I don’t promote it. It’s not illegal but I see it as an unethical practice and a breach to the already-shitty education system. 

Further ResourceHow a Teacher Can Become a Content Creator in Education

5. Alternative Health

The alternative health industry is booming, more and more people are advertising the positive side of unconventional medical practices. With business growing fast, companies need more writers to discuss the matter and reach potential customers.

The legalization of Cannabis in many countries is playing a huge role in this boom. The topics include,

  • CBD
  • Natural Living
  • Organic Diet 
  • Fitness
  • Rehabilitation 

Even a lot of people outside the cannabis industry are looking for writers to shed some light on the topic of alternative health. Health-related niches like,

  • Yoga and Fitness
  • Therapy
  • Spirituality and Meditation
  • Recreational 

6. Food & Wine

Are you a foodie who loves to petrol around all the yummy restaurants in your area every weekend? Food blogging is a wide market with loads of opportunities so getting started in it is just a matter of weeks. (Maybe a little longer than that)

If you are starting from scratch then follow the same way I talk about all the time. Or if you are already writing, then you can make a little transition from your current niche if you are reluctant to give up it all. Though it’s not possible for all the niches, a health writer can write about healthy foods, a finance writer may give a shot to write an article on cheap foods as a frugal way of living.

These transitions will act as your initial sample, the rest can be done with some research and pitching. Payment is very lucrative, beginners can start from $0.10-0.15 per word and earn up to $1 per word.

7.  Parenting

Unlike the previous generation, we are more serious and scientific about raising kids. This consciousness drives young parents to be careful about every step they take and seek out for guidance every now and then.

If you are a parent, an expert on parenting (or a student), writing on parenting can be a considerable choice. Although it really doesn’t matter, if you are practically inexperienced. I sold three articles on parenting when I was just 17. Obviously not the age to guide parents on how to be a parent when my own mum is shouting on me to lower the volume of “lamb of god”.

Anyway, I had strong feelings about parenting ever since my teenage and did a lot of studies. On that ground, the editor didn’t have any problems to publish my article. (Not to mention, she didn’t know my age) 

8. Beauty and Fashion writing

Beauty and Fashion are by far one of the most newbie-friendly profitable niches. You can write on topics including,

  • Makeup
  • Spa
  • Men’s Grooming
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry

and the list continues…

Given the massiveness of the market, capturing it wouldn’t be a much of a task. Once you have created your first round of portfolio, keep your eye on the job boards and cold pitch some editors.   

9. Entertainment writing

Entertainment writing is a ridiculously high-paying niche but it’s somewhat saturated according to me. People love to read about gossip, celebrity news all day and small blogs or companies rarely compete with the giants here.

The best way to start is by having a nice list of articles on authoritative sites, which you need to write for free (for a long time).  Then pitch to the mid-level companies with original story ideas, maybe a concert review of your area or something unique people would love to read.

It takes time to get into the market, but once you have built little network things start to get going.

10. Sports Writing

We all love some kind of sports and given the magnanimity of the industry, it’s requirements for writers to cover all sorts of news is huge too. But, much like the entertainment industry, it’s a mainstream business. Unless you have a shiny portfolio or journalism experience, it’s tough to get into. 

To begin with, you have to focus on a sport that you truly love and understand. Follow the top newspapers and websites to imitate their style of writing and modify it according to you to get your original voice out. 

Then take a year or two to write and publish regularly on mid-level sports publishers. It’ll take some time to ensure a good income but if you keep up your work, you can become a top-tier sportswriter with a reputation. 

11. Travel

Even seven months before, the travel industry was booming with billions of dollars in revenue. But with the coronavirus pandemic, it has all dried out. Countries in Europe are trying to gather things together, though I’m not sure when things will be normal.

So, even if it was a huge niche at one point- today many travel bloggers and writers are facing difficulties. Those who want to start as a travel writer or have already started in it- I recommend changing your direction slightly will help you. (I am not talking about the pro writers here)

Also, if any of you are earning handsomely even in the midst of pandemic- share your stories with us. I am sure many travel writers need your help.  

So that’s it, the 11 Most High-Paying Freelance Writing Niche of 2020. I must say these are very conventional niches that freelance writers are making a living from. You’ll also get many articles on unconventional and surprising niches in the future. 

All these niches are 100% money-making fields. In Pen Commander, you’ll get all the resources to start a full-time freelance writing career earning $7K+ per month. Unlike many other sites, I don’t claim to make you a successful freelance writer in 2 hours, it’s a rather lengthy process to build trust and network. But it’s totally fun and enjoyable when you write something that really helps people. 

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